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Ways to Develop Confidence for Teenagers

A teenage year is a formative stage for every person. Whatever they learn and experience they will bring it to their adulthood. That is why it is very important for them to have someone to guide them and encourage them. The teacher has the opportunity to set positive thinking and actions to their student. The same in building confidence in teens. In this article, we will understand some ways to help the teenagers to build confidence in all the teenage students. And to develop their healthy personality when they turn old.

I Am

The I Am activity the popular activities in the classroom to build confidence in all level of students. This is an effective technique for students to think positive and with energy about what makes them who they are. To think about themselves and their positive attributes, their self-confidence heightened.

Listing Traits

These listing traits activities is a straight forward that simply make a list of their positive traits. The students will give them time to explain how these traits are important to them and to people around them.

This concept is by sharing something that they have done for others. The students will feel more positive about themselves and their behaviors. Moreover, they may discover about them that they have never thought of. This is a helpful way for students to start thinking about what kind of person they want to be.

The Interview

This activity will able to ask student ask them questions like “what is your favorite color?” and other question. At the end of the session, the students will present their partners to the class. The concept of this activity is to form a bond with one or more classmates from the start of the year.

A Letter to Yourself

This activity will ask the students to write a letter to their future self, what they wish for themselves.

These activities are beneficial to all the students so that they will help them to develop their self-confidence. This is the goal of the learning networks to bring additional site for all the people most especially students. The Learning Network New York Times is one portal that offers diverse learning ways and news. About education and other education news around the world.

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